Java Agent-Based Modelling toolkit

The Java Agent-Based Modelling (JABM) toolkit is a Java framework for building agent-based models using a discrete-event simulation framework. It was developed by Steve Phelps for research in agent-based finance and economics.


An overview of JABM can be found in the following working paper

Additionally, the API Documentation is provided in standard javadoc format. An overview of the central classes is provided in UML.


Please post a message in the forums in the first instance. You can also create a bug report by posting a ticket.

Teaching material


JABM can be downloaded here. The code repository can be found at GitHub. Build artifacts can be downloaded from the Maven Central.

Getting started

You can import the downloaded archive as an existing project into the Eclipse IDE. See these step-by- step instructions. The Spring IDE plugin for Eclipse is useful for editing model configurations.


If you are using an automated build tool such as Maven, you can add JABM as a dependency to your project by using the snippets posted on Maven Central.