Package net.sourceforge.jabm

The top-level package for JABM.


Interface Summary
Simulation Classes implementing this interface define agent-based simulation models.

Class Summary
DesktopSimulationManager The main class to run if running JABM with a graphical user interface.
Population A population of agents in a simulation.
RepeatedInteractionSimulation A simulation in which agents repeatedly arrive at the simulation in multiple rounds.
SimulationController The SimulationController is responsible for running a batch of one or more independent Simulation runs.
SimulationExperiment A simulation experiment represents a simulation and a corresponding treatment: that is, a set of parameter bindings represented as Java Properties.
SimulationManager The main application class for JABM experiments when running in headless mode, e.g.
SpringSimulationController SpringSimulationController is responsible for running one or more independent JABM simulations which are configured using the Spring Framework.

Package net.sourceforge.jabm Description

The top-level package for JABM. This package contains classes defining simulation models and components to manage them.