Package net.sourceforge.jabm.util

Interface Summary
Parameterizable Deprecated.
Resetable Classes implementing this interface indicate that their state is resetable.

Class Summary
AbsoluteContinuousDistribution A random variate that takes on the absolute value of values drawn from an underlying probability distribution.
BaseNIterator An iterator that enumerates the base N representation of every non-negative integer that can be represented within the specified number of digits.
FixedLengthQueue A queue with fixed length, which can be useful when tracking a sliding window on a data series
IdAllocator Utility class for handing out unique ids.
MathUtil Miscalleneous mathematical functions.
MutableDoubleWrapper A simple wrapper for a primitive double value which is publicly mutable.
MutableIntWrapper A simple wrapper for a primitive int value which is publically mutable.
ObjectConverter Provides various methods of translating a string argument to an object of a certain type.
Partitioner A class that iterates over all numerical partitions of n into k distinct parts including commutative duplications and parts containing zero.
Properties The Properties class represents a persistent set of properties.
QueueDisassembler An iterator that destructively iterates over a PriorityQueue, that is each item that is returned is removed from the top of the heap.
SummaryStats A utility class for cumulative tracking of stats for a set of doubles.
SystemProperties A set of property bindings that are initialised from system properties passed on the command line (typically using the "-D" option).
UntypedDouble Polymorphic version of java.lang.Double.
UntypedLong Faster version of java.lang.Long.
UntypedNumber This is an extension of Java's Number class that provides methods for performing untyped polymorphic arithmetic.