net.sourceforge.jabm The top-level package for JABM.
net.sourceforge.jabm.agent Classes defining agentsThe top-level package for JABM.
net.sourceforge.jabm.agent.utility Classes defining utility functions for agents.
net.sourceforge.jabm.distribution Classes defining probability distributions that can be used in JABM.
net.sourceforge.jabm.event Classes representing events that have occurred in the simulation.
net.sourceforge.jabm.evolution Classes for implementing evolutionary models and social learning.
net.sourceforge.jabm.gametheory Classes for performing empirical game-theoretic analysis of agent-based models.
net.sourceforge.jabm.init Classes used to initialise the various components of the simulation.
net.sourceforge.jabm.learning A library of algorithms for individual learning.
net.sourceforge.jabm.mixing This package provides different policies specifying how the agents in the population interact (or "mix") with each other during the course of the simulation.
net.sourceforge.jabm.prng Classes implementing monitoring and reporting functionality.
net.sourceforge.jabm.spring Miscellaneous classes providing functionality relating to Spring.
net.sourceforge.jabm.strategy Classes representing the strategies used by the agents in the simulation.
net.sourceforge.jabm.view Classes implementing GUI components.